Foods That Give You Bad Breath

Having bad breath can instantly put you on the last bench, socially. It is embarrassing, offending, and most importantly, unhealthy. It most definitely weakens interpersonal relationships and brings down your self-confidence. While brushing and flossing religiously is healthy, it is also important to get regular dental check-ups done for infections.




Apart from this, paying attention to your diet is also helpful, since there are certain foods that cause bad breath. Here are a few culprits:


1. Onions:

This vegetable is a great add-on with Indian meals. It instantly enhances the flavour of the dishes. Unfortunately, onions also leave an odour that lingers inside the mouth hours after you are finished eating. That is because of the presence of sulfuric compounds that get immersed in the bloodstream and come out as bad breath.



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2. Garlic:

Just like onions, garlic too is rich in sulfuric compounds. This vegetable emits a rather nasty stench from the mouth. The fact that it is a crucial ingredient in Indian curries makes it almost impossible to not consume. The key is to use garlic in very small proportions.




3. Coffee:

The smell of coffee is tantalizing. But when it hits the mouth, the acidity and natural enzymes in it combine with your saliva to discharge a smell that is repulsive. Since coffee neutralizes the acid in your stomach, it releases gastric juices that are the culprits for causing bad breath.



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4. Cheese:

Any kind of dairy product, particularly milk and cheese, can cause funky breath. When cheese is consumed, the pieces that get stuck in your teeth are absorbed by oral microbes, which give rise to sulphuric compounds in the mouth—thus, causing bad breath.




5. Red Meat:

Believe it or not: High protein foods cause nasty breath. That is because bad breath causing bacteria prefer to grow onto proteins and are the top contributors of halitosis. Combine mutton curry with a plate of onions and you have yourself a delicious yet socially-ostracising disaster!



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Unfortunately, these foods form an integral part of the diet plan and hence, their consumption cannot be stopped altogether. The easiest way to fight bad breath is by using a mouth freshener or brushing teeth after finishing a meal. Try it for yourself!