Flying Basin: Something special in the air; anytime, anywhere!

What could be a huge lifesaver for people always on the go? Developed by Silicon Valley experts, the Flying Basin is a super cool, first-of-its-kind invention to help people maintain a healthy fresh looking face. Arvin Fisher, CEO Out of Touch Silicon Ventures came up with the idea of a drone-based flying washbasin when he saw the unsparing Indian climate, which is either too hot or too humid. It is almost impossible to continue looking fresh all through the day in India’s weather, so the bright minds at OOT brought this revolutionary product to us in India!

Flying Basin Something special in the air; anytime, anywhere!

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1. You leave your home ready, but do you arrive ready? So use their app or toll-free number and the flying basin will detect your GPS location and reach you anywhere. You have to just press a button and a basin flies to you, so now we actually have everything under the sky!


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2. This super basin offers you a 5-star washroom like experience, with both hot and cold water. It really doesn’t matter how you look when you left your house in the morning because, by the time you reach your destination, all the dust and heat would have stolen the moisture and freshness from your face. While we can’t do much about the climate in our country, this flying basin is a huge savior as we fight against pollution and dust for freshness on the go.


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3. A combination of intelligence and technology the Flying Basin has a very easy payment option. It scans the QR code on your phone and deducts Rs.10 from your bank account; yes it is literally that simple. A marvelous and amazing product that you don’t know you need until you see and use it for yourself.



4. The Flying Basin is so much more than meets the eye; it creates awareness among people about the importance of maintaining a healthy and clean face. The first thing people notice when you enter is your face and you don’t want to look all clammy for that important meeting or even a date.


Indian climate is ruthless, so stop blaming the weather and call for a Flying Basin to get a first-hand experience of this brilliant product. You will never have to look dirty or sweaty anytime, anywhere again!