Our Favourite Grooming Gadget for the month: A Shower That Sings

You don’t have to be a gadget addict to love what we stumbled upon. This invention will make sure that you want to hit the shower first thing every morning and perhaps even before you go to bed at night. What is this magical device you ask? Hold your breath guys – we’re talking about the Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker, aka, a singing shower.

What It Does?

A little round device, the Moxie wireless speaker is an offering by Kohler shower solutions. Moxie comes with a detachable Bluetooth speaker that is fixed bang in the middle of the showerhead with a magnet. Throw that towel out and listen to uninterrupted stream of your favourite songs, right there in the shower! Pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming? Welcome to the 21st century, boys!


Image courtesy: digitaltrends.com


The Details:

The Moxie showerhead might look like a cute little thing but it has been deliberately designed to stay hidden in the shower. The Kohler website states that the showerhead’s sprayface features 60 angled nozzles which means you will not have to compromise on water pouring out in full force as you turn it on. The showerhead also has a silicone sprayface which will help wipe away the mineral build-up in a jiffy.


Image courtesy: bustedwallet.com


Looks Great:

The way your wireless speaker looks may not exactly be a deciding factor but that it comes in four peppy colours is a boon in more ways than one. You can sort out your playlists by storing songs of different genres in each colour wireless device. This way you don’t have to waste precious minutes trying to remember which song is in which device all the time.


Image courtesy: theblissery.com



Battery operated devices can prove to be more of a bane than a boon, if the battery barely lasts for half an hour. But fear not – the device we’re raving about promises to last for up till seven full hours. If you break that down further and assume you will be in the shower for a maximum of 30 minutes daily, it will still last you for two full weeks. Not bad, right? And this is just one device. If you stock up on all four colours, you can easily go for two full months without having to worry about recharge.




Let’s Talk Money, Honey:

Surprise, surprise, the Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker come for approximate Rs. 10,000. You can inquire about the product with any Kohler dealer.