Facials for men: Yay or Nay?

Facial for men might be called girly for the likes of your manly skin. But these treatments are gaining momentum among the top 10 fashion blogs for men. And why not! Men have a rougher skin, bigger pores and more chances of sun damage. Their skin, in fact, needs more skincare than females. So here’s why getting facial is an absolute Yay for men.

Facials for men Yay or Nay


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1.Shaving leaves your skin coarse :

Dim lights, soothing music and cucumber on your eyes are the latest fashion trends, but may not please you much. But dragging the fatal razor over your skin leaves it red and inflamed with rashes. Facial helps you clean the leftover chemicals and smoothens the irritated skin.

Shaving leaves your skin coarse


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2.Men’s skin produces more oil :

This is a scientific fact. Men are more sweaty and oily. And considering their love and commitment to sunscreens, they are more prone to sun damage as well. This leaves their pores cloggy and dirty. Hence, a cleansing treatment is inevitable!

Men’s skin produces more oil


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3.Professional help is always a great investment :

Trust us! They can do better than you can! Just as the doctor is best at treating your illness, so is a dermatologist/beautician. Soap and water are not enough to keep your skin safe from the wrath of sun and dust. Plus, you learn from them the right technique for skincare!

Professional help is always a great investment

4.It’s a turn on for women! :

It is the gospel truth that women fall for neat and spruce men more than those shabby, hippies. So make sure you clean up well….really well. Who knows where your smooth skin leads you!

It’s a turn on for women!

Now you know how the tables have turned in favor of men. So book an appointment right away!! It’s show time!!!