Facial at home- Here’s the complete Guide to it

Did you come across the latest fashion trends in men’s fashion world? No more does that rugged, unkempt macho look woo women. After all, who likes to be touched by a thorny beard! Facials are no longer a feminine thing to do. And if you are too shy or busy to book a TLC appointment with your salon, here’s how you can give yourself a facial like a pro, at home.

Facial at home- Here’s the complete Guide to it

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1. Begin with a Cleanser :

According to fashion blogs, men need more frequent facials than women, thanks to the skin-damaging shaving routine. The cleanser helps you remove the entire residual gunk that settles on large pores and rough skin. Apply it liberally all over and let it rest. Then clean with a cotton dab.

Begin with a Cleanser


2. Scrub the pores thoroughly :

Now comes some deep cleaning; a face scrub helps you unclog the pores and clean the dirt stuck in them, thereby waving off blackheads and whiteheads. Massage your face with scrub granules for 3-4 minutes and then wash.

Scrub the pores thoroughly


3. Close the pores and apply a Toner :

Wash your face with warm water to close the pores. Now apply a Toner so that your skin gets rehydrate and maintains its pH balance. Plus, it staves off the oil particles that attract dirt to your skin.

Close the pores and apply a Toner

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4. Now comes a long massage :

And now begins the blood circulation process in your skin! Take a quality moisturising cream and gently massage your face and neck for at least 15 minutes. Move your fingertips in the circular motion so, the increased blood circulation brightens up your face.

Now comes a long massage


5. Put on a Face Pack :

Last but not the least, apply a thick layer of men’s face pack. Let it rest for about 15-20 minutes, or till the surface dries up. Then wash thoroughly with cold water. Face pack tightens the skin and nourishes it deeply.

Put on a Face Pack

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Now that you have a step-by-step facial guide, as you would have read in men’s fashion blogs, don’t waste any more time. Buy a facial kit from the store and get set, glow!