Essential Grooming Tips For The Rainy Season

Sticky dandruff, fungal skin infections, extreme oil secretion from the skin, extreme sweating, etc. are some of the problems that your invariably face during the monsoons. However, good news is that solution to all these skin and hair related problems of this season of drizzles and thunders are right within your fingertips! Just follow these essential grooming tips, protect your skin and hair, and enjoy the charm of the season.




1. Keep A Cleanser Handy:

During monsoons, your skin tends to get gritty and grimy. Eventually, problems like freckles, breakouts and adult acne tend to show up more in this as compared to other times of the year. The best yet most convenient remedy for this is to buy a good quality facial cleanser for male and include it in your grooming kit. Choose a foam based one for dry skin and a gel based one for oily skin and use it liberally to clean your face thoroughly every time you come home from outside. If this regime is followed in a regimented manner, your skin problems will vanish faster than you expect!


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2. Look For A Moisturizing Lotion:

The humid atmosphere might give you a feeling that you do not need an additional moisturizer during the rainy season. Nevertheless, if you avoid moisturizing your face regularly then it might become dry, patchy and blemished over the time. Basically, a conglomerated effect of occasional dampness and dryness can make the stick itchy and dehydrated irrespective of your skin type. Hence, keeping a moisturizing gel, lotion or cream in your grooming kit as per your skin’s needs, and applying it in a cleansed face will be a great idea.


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3. Prevent Body Odor:

Sweating is a commonplace occurrence during the monsoons due to increased humidity in the atmosphere. Therefore, insist that you take liberal shower at least twice a day with a freshly scented shower gel or bath soap will be guarantee that the sweat does not get deposited on your body and cause body odor. Never forget to dry your body properly and use a deodorant specially meant for your underarms. Using a perfume will be a great addition to this everyday regime.



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4. Keep Your Hair Groomed:

Your scalp tends to be sticky during the rainy season. Eventually, it becomes a breeding ground of sticky dandruff, boils, eruptions and other such problems. The most effective way of staying away of these scalp related problems is to shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo every alternate day followed by the application of a good hair conditioner to maintain the pH balance of your manes.




The arrival of monsoons after the scorching summer is always welcoming. Make this monsoon even more pleasant by following these tips and keeping the unwanted side effects of this season on your skin and hair at bay.