Easy skin care on the go

While we’re all busy in our lives, we forget to take god care of ourselves. Having youthful and clear skin may seem like a farfetched goal but it can be achieved with very simple changes even in a buys life. Here are some tips to add to your skin care routine that don’t take much time.

Easy skin care on the go


1. Say hello to face wash :

While you’re out here chasing your dreams and making things happen, your healthy skin slowly becomes dull all because of not washing your face. Even when there is no water, you have HE Waterless Facewash which helps you wash and clean your face anywhere and anytime you want, that too without water.

Say hello to face wash

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2. Face masks :

one of the oldest ticks in the book cheating towards a healthy looking skin in minutes. These are not only for women. Once or twice a month take out 15-20 minutes to indulge in a rejuvenating face mask. These can be found according to your skin type.

Face masks

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3. Three step regime :

At least once in a day, make sure that you cleanse your face with a mild cleansing lotion. After that applying a moisturiser and SPF is equally important. This can be made a two step regime by using a moisturiser that also has SPF. SPF not only prevents tan but also protects your skin from harmful UV rays which could cause full looking skin and pigmentation.

Three step regime

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4. Shaving routine :

For men who love their beard and their hair, it becomes a habit to fret over its perfection. The easiest way to save time is to make a weekly appointment at your barber’s and get regular grooming done without fail. This way you not only save your time daily but also have a well presented beard and haircut at all times which is easily manageable.

Shaving routine

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While it is important to always look your best, daily habits play an important role in determining your skin as well as any other appearance. The easiest way to acing a routine is to set one which requires minimum time and gets everything done.