Dying Your Beard – Should You Go For It

Did you know that the colour of your beard is a shade lighter than that of your hair? And this uneven mix of colours can make you look a lot older than you are? Apparently, yes.




Growing a beard is a challenge in itself and you never really know what it looks like until you can see it in full bloom in the mirror. And if you are not happy with the way your beard complements your hair, then you should probably dye it.

If you are planning to do so, here are a few points you need to consider:


1. Choose The Right Colour:

The aim of dying your beard is to make sure its colour matches with your hair. So choose the dye wisely. Moreover, since the facial hairs are a lot coarser than the hairs on the scalp – they tend to absorb colour faster. So apply the dye for a small period of time.



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2. Never Wash Your Beard:

Yup. When you are preparing to dye your beard, avoid using the shampoo and conditioner on your beard, just before the session. The facial hairs are more prone to absorbing chemical residues from these grooming products – that later act as a block to the dye. So, if you have to take a wash, splash some lukewarm water.




3. Tools To Dye:

The brush in the kit, mascara and toothbrush. These are the tools you should only use for applying dye in your hair. Since the facial hair space is restricted, you have to be careful and let the dye not touch your skin. Using either of these is not as difficult as it looks.



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4. After-Application Care:

Once you have dyed and dried your beard, leave it like that but don’t forget about it. These days, there are many grooming products out there such as facial wax specifically for beard. Apply that to keep your beard moisturized and smooth.




Dying the beard is a fantastic option – as long as you select the right colour. The options out there in the market are not so many, but one of the existing ones will surely meet your needs. Apply the dye frequently and keep it well nourish post-application. If you do all these things, your beard will be just fine.