Dreadlocks-Yay or Nay?

Dreadlocks are basically ropes of hair which do not require any proper combing. Some men go for dreadlocks to bring out their unique personality and stand out from crowd while others just choose them to make fashion statement.

The greater influence of western culture and the I-don’t-care attitude have only encouraged men to sport dreadlocks. Though beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and one should be accepted the way he/she is, but we strictly recommend that you ditch the dreadlocks. And here’s why you should listen to us.



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1. Public display of amusement:

People who consider dreadlocks to be the latest fashion for men have forgotten that such a nonchalant attitude makes them mere objects of mockery. The society fails to treat them with respect and they are considered as social outcasts. What might be a fashion statement for them becomes a joke for the others.



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2. Maintenance is tedious:

For a working professional, it is difficult to manage such hair. Special kinds of shampoos are used for its maintenance. Combing is difficult and time consuming. In today’s competitive world, where every second matter, wasting long hours to maintain such hair is certainly futile.



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3. Hair becomes rough:

When people develop fetish for dreadlocks, the hair loses its texture as oil is not used and becomes rough. Once dreadlocks are formed it’s difficult to bring it back to normal texture. The only solution left is a clean shave.




4. Sleep doesn’t come easy:

Sleeping with dreadlocks is really uncomfortable. Huge bundles of hair on the pillow leads to disturbed sleep and can make anyone an insomniac. Sleep deprivation affects one’s mental as well as physical health. Fashion styles should be an add-on to one’s personality and not be turn out to be bane for one’s health.




Anything that you can carry off with confidence tends to look cool but something that disrupts your health and creates a stereotypical image of yours, is it really worth it? Think again before you take the plunge.