Do’s & Don’t of Cologne



You may think there isn’t too much to think about when it comes to using colognes but that’s where you are wrong. There are a lot of things to keep in mind like scent selection and storage. We’ve made a list of basic do’s and don’ts for you to refer to:


1. Try Before You Buy:

The only way to actually tell how good a cologne will smell on you is by testing it on your skin. You’ll never know how good it smells by sniffing it off a magazine or a fragrance card pushed onto you by an overly eager sales boy. Testing it on the skin will show how it reacts with your skin and you should ideally leave it on for a day before buying to make sure it doesn’t give you any allergy.




2. Don’t Drown Yourself:

We all know about the type of guys who douse themselves in the precious liquid in the hope toattract female attention with their smell. Little do they realize how people around feel assaulted by their smell, no matter how good. Remember, when in doubt, less is more, and it is a cologne basic to apply it on your pulse points like your wrists, and behind your earlobes to maximize the musk.



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3. Dry Skin? Apply Extra:

How long the scent lingers on you depends a lot on your skin type. If you have oily skin, then you are now paid off for your years of pimple popping, since the added moisture on your skin surface acts as an activator and makes the smell last longer. If you have dry skin, it acts like a sponge, so just use a few extra sprays to compensate.



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4. Don’t Just Use One Scent:

Everyone says finding your signature scent is important but you need to remember to also mix it up. You can’t use the same cologne all year round as it can’t match the mood of every season. Don’t use 50 different colognes but you can surely keep 2-3 to compliment search season.



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5. Apply After a Hot Shower:

Cologne applied at any time is better than no cologne at all, but like all things, there is an ideal time for spraying. Using it after a hot shower or bath helps you stay smelling good for longer as your skin pores have opened up and are more likely to absorb the scent deeply.




6. Don’t Hoard:

Most men have a habit of storing old cologne bottles for later use, but you must remember that everything has a shelf life. Most scents expire after 3 years and start losing their essential oils and intensity. It’s the same even if you haven’t opened the bottle yet, so make sure you use it soon.



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These are some basic pointers to keep in mind when it comes to all buying and applying a cologne. Remember these and you won’t go wrong with that irresistible smell!