Don’t Make These Grooming Mistakes When Going to Work

Men usually do a pretty stellar job with grooming in general, but they do commit their fair share of grooming mistakes as well. Be it stained clothes or untidy hair, there are some basic personal grooming mistakes that every man needs to make an effort to avoid.


1. Unruly body hair:

Men are pretty lucky in this respect; they don’t need to get rid of all their body hair on a regular basis. That said, there are some points of contention like nose hair, ear hair and overgrown eyebrows that could really do with a trim. Nobody wants to see a unibrow or your nose hair poking out when they are trying to have a conversation with you.



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2. Untidy nails:

Untrimmed, scraggly, or dirty nails are an absolute no-no. You must keep your nails clean and trimmed otherwise it looks extremely unbecoming. If you have the time, then head for a manicure, it is not as girly as it sounds and your nails will look super clean.



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3. Patchy chest hair:

You may not be too concerned with getting rid of your body hair as it usually doesn’t bother anyone but a lot of men have uneven or patchy hair growth on their chests, which may or may not be a result of improper shaving. Either trim or shave evenly, or cover it up with an undershirt or button up your oxford.




4. Dry skin:

Moisturising is one of the most important steps in proper grooming, because you can and should do it more than once a day. In professional or social situations, you can’t get away with dry, flaky skin. It doesn’t flatter anyone, so remember that a little bit of moisturizer everyday goes a long way!



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5. Unkempt facial hair:

Every man’s facial hair grows differently. You need to figure out your look and stick to it; a steady job is no place to experiment! If you aren’t going clean shaven then choose a neat, trimmed facial hair style.



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6. Patchy, bald spots:

Once you start losing hair you need to make a decision soon. Everybody look good on anyone. You can go for a bold notices the bald spots and patchy hair doesn’t buzz cut or try a different hairstyle but a comb over is the worst possible option!



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7. Bad scalp maintenance:

If you have chosen to shave your head clean or very closely then you need to take care of your scalp skin as well. Whenever you are sitting in your office and anyone walks in and out, it’s very noticeable if you haven’t moisturized your dry, crackly head skin.




These are just some basic pointers and the best thing to do is to keep everything trimmed, clean, and moisturized.