David Beckham – the only hair hero you need!

It is a proven fact that men love their hair. But there has been no man on this planet whose hair has had more fame than him and his life combined, other than David Beckham. His football career might be over but his hair legacy lives on till today. He is the hair hero, the hair God, the idol whom all men worship. Secretly.




After marrying the style icon, Victoria Beckham, the change in him and his hairstyles was obvious and much needed. His oval face and a strong jaw line coupled with his confidence gave him the cult following, he now enjoys. He let men know that it was okay to colour, cut, spend more time styling the hair than what has been happening since time immemorial. Let us take a look at some of his coolest hairstyles.





The Curtains:

A 17 year old Beckham just let his mop of hair fall over his face on the sides. Voila! A look which no hipster will care for, today.

The Color:

Come 1998 and Mr. Beckham gets married. The change is obvious as he is seen sporting sun kissed beach hair with highlights. Because of his nonchalance, the hair colouring industry for men exploded and men’s grooming took an entirely different turn. Men still can get their hair coloured but not in streaks. Being more subtle is the way to go nowadays or one can opt for an umber look aka Jared Leto at the 2014 Oscars.




The Buzz:

In 2000, Beckham shaved his hair off and opted for the buzz cut, which till then was probably one of the most undesirable cuts for men. He went a step further and paired the hairstyle with bespoke suits and the clash of the two (the crudeness of the haircut with the elegance of the suit) created the chic bad boy look which women wanted their men to have.




The Faux Hawk: 

In 2002, Beckham had the men once again scrambling for appointments with their hairdressers thanks to his faux hawk look. With the shortest possible hair on the sides in a darker hue along with the longer hair running along the middle of the scalp with a contrasting blonde look, this looked super cool.

The Undercut:

Shorter hair on the sides with longer hair on top and side swept make for an awesome classic. Think Don Draper. Now combine that with a rugged beard and you have men and women drooling over Beckham, alike. What a look to retire with *slow clap in admiration*.




David Beckham has probably been the only one in the recent times who has pushed boundaries in hair styles and challenged men to experiment with their looks. He has always been able to pull off any hairstyle he has gone ahead with. And that takes some guts, looking at some of them. He is also the only one whose hairstyle is scrutinized before anyone sees the product he is advertising for!