Dare To Play With Your Hair

Most men feel, a visit to the neighborhood barber, once in a month, is all the attention their hair deserves. Think again! Sometimes a hip, classic and hot hairdo is all you need to charm others around you. So, this season try out some of the coolest hairstyles that the fashion conscious men from all over the world are sporting. So, choose your hairstyle right and enjoy all the attention.



You needn’t be Brad Pitt to captivate attention and steal away the limelight. Adapting his stylish Undercut hairstyle can do enough to make you look like the heartthrob! Try this edgy look with short side hair and longer top hair, tousled and sometimes with asymmetric fringes. Give it the uber cool look with some hair colour and your personal styling.


 Brad Pitt’s shorter sides and longer top hair works perfectly for his strong jawline



Want to look bold? Try spikes. Want to look elegant? Try spikes. Yes, spikes work the way you want them to. With shorter side hair cut in taper fade style, the hair on top is longer and points upward. Get a bolder look with hair designs shaved into the back or sides. For formal occasions, go for spikes with no beard or stubble.





The Slick style has stormed men’s fashion world this year. Keep your side hair short with medium-length top hair. You could either slick back or comb your hair across with a side part. In classic slicking, first slick with a comb the hair on the top of your head and then do the same with the hair on the sides. In modern slicking, get the first slick for the sides with a comb and then do 3-5 further slicks with only your fingers.