Christmas Grooming Gifts for Men

It is that time of the year again – gifts, food, a festive mood, photographs and the pressure to look good in spite of having to stuff your face every day. Speaking of looking good, male grooming products have grown by leaps and bounds since the contemporary metrosexual man took the world by storm. Whether it is the clean shaven, tailored suit flaunting James Bond or the neatly trimmed, testosterone oozing Wolverine (aka Logan), most men today are besotted with the idea of looking good and developing a personal grooming style.

With the above in mind, it’s only fair to believe that a modern man will appreciate you if you help him evolve his personal style. And trust us, it’ll be much easier to get your man to groom if you present him with a new toy instead of pestering him about it.

Here’s a list of the top grooming products for men. Choose wisely!

The Shave Assist:

A unique mirror that attaches to a shower head and circulates hot water from the shower around the inside of the mirror so it doesn’t fog up. Great for a shave that is smooth, sharp and comfortable at the same time!


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The Morning Enlightenment:

If there’s one thing a man loves more than a woman who can take care of him, it is the thought of having background music for every moment of his life. Since no one can ever do away with morning chores, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker goes a long way to show your man he absolutely deserves that background music. (Do remember to buy earplugs for yourself, though.)




The Body Wash/Shampoo/Shave Soap:

If there’s one thing a real man absolutely and undeniably loves, it is simplicity. No wonder men still have trouble adapting to the thousands of soaps, shampoos, shaving accessories and other male grooming products available today. Why bother when a single bar of soap can do it all? Pick up a bodywash/shampoo/shave combo for your man this Christmas, and watch as he buys it again and again!




The Stubble Remover:

Few things say class like an old school solid metal razor that’ll obliterate stubble with a swish here and a swoosh there!




The Anti-Irritant:

After swishing and swooshing, it’s time to soothe that manly skin. Pick out a fragrance YOU love, go easy on the alcohol, and you have just picked the new after shave for your man. You know, because he’s happy when you’re happy.