Can hair spa help you get rid of dandruff and hair fall?

Whenever you visit a salon for haircut, the hairstylist inspects your hair and majority of the time recommends you to go for a hair spa to combat all your hair problems. Is he trying to make some extra money? This is the first thought that would pop up in your mind. But not always, my friend because hair spa is the latest fashion trend for hair rebirth. It aids in treating hair issues like dandruff and hair-fall. Also, it maintains the shine and health of hair. A hair spa for dandruff and hair-fall includes oil massaging of the scalp, conditioning and shampooing. Let’s take a glance at how it works:

Can hair spa help you get rid of dandruff and hair fall

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1. Oil Massaging :

Applying oil to your scalp and massaging will not only enhance the scalp’s condition but will also make your hair lustrous. Oil massaging is an effective way to treat your scalp. It leads to the gush of blood to hair follicles increasing the amount of nutrients available for hair growth. Also, massaging boots out all the stress and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Oil Massaging

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2. Shampooing :

Apply shampoo to your hair and rinse it with lukewarm water. Use cleansing and clarifying grooming products to remove the oil from the scalp and the hair. You’ll successfully remove all the dirt and dandruff whilst rinsing your hair.


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3. Conditioning :

A hair mask protects the outer layer of the hair which aids in increasing the shine of hair. After shampooing, squeeze out the excess water from the hair and apply a deep conditioning hair mask to the hair.


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So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment for hair spa at your salon right away. It is the one solution to all your hair problems.