Bradley Cooper – Heads Turn with His Sexy Hair Styles

Bradley Cooper, the Hangover star is a style icon. No wonder then that Bradley Cooper’s hairstyle is one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles sought-after by men. His natural curls are cut in a style keeping with his face shape that allows a lot of flexibility. It can be left as an easy-going style or can be styled into a neat and finished look.

Let’s take a peek at what goes into giving the various looks that Bradley Cooper wears on and off-screen.

Wavy Curls:

Bradley’s long, cool, wavy, casual hairstyle as the stud, Phil Wenneck in the Hangover series made waves and still has women swooning all across the globe. His naturally wavy hair was given a layered cut, set with a gel and a light spray that could be slicked back or allowed to fly with the wind.  And in The A-Team, Bradley Cooper looks incredible as Lieutenant Templeton Peck with his hair worn longer and parted down the middle.




The Permed Look:

The permed curly mop that gave the 70′s look to Richie DiMaso in American Hustle was the result of short tight curls that was very much in keeping with the disco era.

Buzz Cut:

Bradley is often seen sporting a buzz cut. It’s a great, low maintenance and easy haircut with has enough length to it that can be styled in different ways. Valentines’ Day saw Bradley Cooper playing a gay character Holden Wilson with his hairstyle a little different from his usual, buzz cut from the sides and longer on the top. As the very attractive Peter in Yes Man, his hairstyle had spikes out in the front with a buzz cut on the sides.

Walking The Red Carpet:

At formal occasions and black tie events, he is seen keeping his hairstyle suave and simple with the sides cut short and the top layers swept back with a little styling product.

At the 86th Academy Awards, he was seen sporting a cool hairdo that was cut short around the sides and back. The jagged look on the top was pinched into place giving a very trendy and textured look. No wonder he walked off with the title of Best Dressed Man.




Voted Sexiest Man Alive by People’s magazine, Bradley Cooper is indeed a man to watch out for as a trend-setter, whether its clothes or hairstyles.