Bollywood stars that are giving us beard goals this summer

Beards have become a style statement nowadays, and some of our Bollywood stars are famous for their enviable fuzz. They are constantly experimenting with new and offbeat looks that are trendsetters for the youth. Some celebrities are known to take the experimental route, while others opt for a style that is timeless and safe. Choose your favourite and sport the look this summer!

1. Arjun Kapoor :

This hot and handsome Kapoor has taken the industry by storm with his blockbuster hits and effortless beard style. His well-groomed beard and sassy sense of style make him a real hoot! Opt for Arjun Kapoor’s beard look, well-trimmed on the sides and dense in the middle, for an unbeatably cool look.

Image Courtesy:  111 wallpapers
Image Courtesy: 111 wallpapers

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3. Ranveer Singh :

Offbeat and Ranveer Singh go synonymously when it comes to fashion and grooming. The amount of perfection and precision he puts into grooming his beard is praiseworthy. This star has nailed almost every look he experimented. With a well-groomed beard and an enviable moustache, Ranveer Singh is definitely one to take beard cues from!

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4. Suniel Shetty :

Age is just a number, and Suniel Shetty proves that. Giving tough competition to all the youngster, Anna currently has the best beard in the industry. This yesteryear superstar is definitely giving us some beard goals this summer. Sport his dense beard with a well-defined moustache and even you can give these stars a run for their money!

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5. Fawad Khan :

One of the most good-looking international talents we have in the industry, Fawad Khan is a safe player when it comes to beards. He is often seen donning a beard with his patent moustache and stubble. This is a timeless and safe look for men who have trouble growing a dense beard. Anyone can rock this casual look.

Image Courtesy:  Ibnlive
Image Courtesy: Ibnlive

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Bollywood celebrities in more ways than one influence people around the globe. Whether the celebrity is women or men, they set trends, and we take inspiration from them. Facial hair is no different; sport a neatly trimmed stubble like Fawad or go fuzzy like Ranveer, look slick this summer.