Best ways to deal with shaving cuts

Shaving might seem like a chore to you, but if left undone, it will make you look like a Himalayan recluse in no time. While you may not be able to ditch shaving completely, what you can do to make it less of a pain is know what to do in case things get messy (read bloody shaving cuts).




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1. Apply ice:

Ice or cold water can help you stop the bleeding. It constricts the blood vessels due to its low temperature and leads to the formation of clots. It is one of the simplest ways to prevent further bleeding from a shaving cut or a nick.




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2. Use lip balm or Vaseline

You could use any type of lip balm or Vaseline to seal the cut. The waxy texture of the lip balm will seal the wounded area and prevent bleeding. It will also aid in the formation of a clot thereby initiating the healing process.




3. Deodorant works wonders

It will surprise you to know that you can use a personal care product, as common as a deodorant, to heal a shaving cut. Aluminium chloride, a hemostatic agent, is an ingredient found in most present-day deodorants. This chemical helps in clot formation. So, the next time you cut yourself while shaving, just spray some deodorant on a cotton swab and apply it on the shaving nick.




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4. Try Aspirin paste:

As quirky as may sound, but a tablet of aspirin can be helpful in healing a shaving cut. All you need to do is dissolve a tablet of aspirin in water and dip a cotton swab in it. Next, apply the cotton swab onto the cut and experience its soothing effect within a few seconds. The healing has begun…




If you encounter shaving cuts on a regular basis, you should try being more careful while shaving. To begin with, you should moisturise the area before and after shaving with the best men’s face lotion. You should also make sure that you are shaving in the same direction as that of the hair growth. Using clean blades and the best shaving cream for men will help in maintaining personal hygiene. In some cases, the razor itself is the cause of all the trouble. Replacing the razor with the best men’s electric shavers will be your best bet in such a scenario.