Beard grooming essentials that you must own this 2017

Beard grooming has now become part of a man’s overall personality that can make or break his impression. While you keep the rest of your body clean and shiny, it is important to groom your beard and prevent breakouts in this heat. Indian summers can really faze out your beard, so it is best to prepare in advance. As grooming becomes more and more important, here are a few essentials that you definitely must own in 2017!

Beard grooming essentials that you must own this 2017


1. Beard Comb :

Beard combs are so important when it comes to grooming your facial hair. Beards in the heat tend to get tangled and unruly, especially if you travel a lot in the open. These facial combs are no ordinary pieces, made with natural grained woods like Neem and Shisham they help tame the beard. Regularly combing your beard also stimulates sebum (oil glands) that hydrate the skin naturally. The whole process results in better growth of your beard.

Beard Comb

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2. Beard Wax :

Even if you have the DNA of Ranveer Singh, the humidity can make your beard go all fuzzy. If you are heading out for an important event or meeting, slap on a protective layer to tame the fuzz and protect the moisture of your beard. Beard wax also protects the beard as it repels dirt giving a shiny and distinct shape to your beard. It is like your very own beard sunscreen!

Beard Wax

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3. Beard Growth Oil :

If you are still sprouting hair unevenly on your face, beard oil is for you. A real boon for the follically challenged man, beard oil stimulates the body’s natural hair growth and helps you grow a beard. Just like our scalp, if the skin under the beard does not receive enough care it gets dry and dehydrated, which results in dandruff. Good quality beard oils give your beard the needed nourishment and tame it.

Beard Growth Oil

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4. Beard Trimmer :

Growing a beard is easy, however maintaining it is pretty difficult. You should invest in a good electric beard trimmer to snip off those wild, unruly strands running haphazardly to give your beard a proper shape. Your beard should look like a clean piece of art for other to admire and take inspiration from. Trimmers will be the most important grooming accessory you pick up because you don’t want to completely chop your effort off, but you don’t want to grow into a breeding ground for dirt too. So the trimmer helps you keep the length and thickness of your beard in check and in vogue!

Beard Trimmer

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Maintaining a beard is no walk in the park, but with these grooming accessories and products, you can achieve a perfectly maintained beard in no time. While these are the essentials to keep your fuzz in check, also invest in a good beard wash to keep your facial hair clean and dandruff free.