Be More Hygiene Conscious This Year

The first step to becoming well-spruced and looking immaculate is not just using of grooming products or trendy menswear but also being careful of “personal hygiene”. Let’s face it: There are only a few things as important as basic cleanliness and it must be taken seriously by everyone. In fact, personal hygiene is the first thing that a man should care about.




As the New Year is all about taking a fresh spin on things and inculcating new habits, why leave personal hygiene out of it? Here is a list of personal habits that you must seriously in 2016:


1. Focus On Dental Health:

Any toothpaste, on an average, provides protection to teeth for 12 hours, post which the pearly whites become prone to getting affected by germs. Hence, it is important to brush your teeth twice a day once after waking up and once before going to bed.



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2. Smell Fresh Always:

No one likes to be around someone who emits body odour. In fact, sweating profusely and smelling bad can bring down your self-confidence to zero. Therefore, make sure you always smell fresh. He Deodorants, for instance, is one of the best deos for men in India and offers ever-lasting fragrance.



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3. Bathe Regularly:

You spend time in office for close to 9 hours every day. You sweat it out in the gym. You even spend time taking care of the house. Such strenuous physical activities are bound to make you dirty which is why you must take a bath daily sometimes twice a day.




4. Take Care Of Your Hair:

Thanks to air pollution, your hair is prone to a number of problems such as dandruff and lice. Therefore, it is important for you to massage and oil your hair properly. Use a shampoo that’s aromatic but also chemical-free and keeps your hair shiny and strong.




5. Cut & File Your Nails:

Having long and un-filed nails means lots of dirt getting accumulated in them—which is unhealthy. The worst part is that most people tend to ignore the nails of their feet—and that’s seriously repulsive. Hence, make a habit of cutting your nails once a week. Trust us; that will invariably make you feel clean and healthy.



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While the above mentioned habits are rather common, not many participate in imbibing these activities on a serious level—thereby, giving rise to a multitude of health problems. Hence, you must keep yourself clean not just for the sake of your own self but also for people around you. Stay clean, stay fresh.