Balding So Soon? Rock it Like These Celebrities Do

Hair loss is an inevitable part of getting old. It can be caused by many things, though is most often genetic. There are also many types of balding. You can start losing hair at your temples or you can be balding at the crown of your hair. You can fight hair loss and if that isn’t really working, then you can accept it gracefully and confidently, and get a good haircut. Here are some types of balding and with celebrity references, how to style such hair:

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1. The Peninsula:

Your temples are common areas where balding occurs. Hair can start receding down the sides with a bit of hair pointing down the middle, just like it happened with Jude Law. Don’t try to compensate with the rest of your hair by combing them over the bald area. Either go for a standard buzz cut, which doesn’t look hideous in any kind of balding, or ask your hair dresser to cut all your hair about an inch long, and let it flop wavily over your head.


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2. The Bay:

Like Hollywood hunk Jason Statham, if your hair recession meets in the middle and starts making its way backward then the hair on your sides will look thicker in contrast and your bald area will shine out more. Get your barber to blend from the bald area to the side gradually so that it looks like a smooth transition.


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3. The Billabong:

When your hair isn’t receding from the temples, then it starts thinning on the crown. If you are faced with just a little bit of thinning there, either you keep it buzzed closely like Ben Affleck, or this is the one case where you are allowed a comb over. You can let the hair around the bald spot be slightly longer to cover the baldness, and it hides even better if you have curly hair.


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4. The Shallow Reef:

Like Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men fame, if you have this sort of overall thinning where if the light shines right, anyone can see the whole scalp, then there is no coming back from this. You can be bold and buzz it all off, or have it layered and cut forward without a part.


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5. The Sound:

If all the hair you have left is a ring around your head like action hero Bruce Willis, then at this point you can have any haircut because there is nothing you can do to hide your balding. Best option would be to shave it all off and embrace the bald and beautiful.


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