Aren’t You All Highbrowed? Eyebrow grooming tips you need to know

Eyebrow grooming habits come as absolutely no surprise. The unkempt eyebrow look is slowly fading away; the era of well-groomed eyebrows has begun.

Brush Your Eyebrows:

Brush your eye brow hair up (with a finger will do) and cut the longer strands to get them get in level with the rest. Brush them back in their place.


 Visit a salon for a regular eyebrow trimming session


Pluck Or Tweeze:

Pluck and tweeze the lone strands which tend to group outside your line of the brow.


Take care of the unibrow, especially as you get older. Take something straight such as a pencil and hold it vertically on your face starting from the widest point of your nose on both the sides. This will give you the approximate idea of where your eye brows should ideally begin.



Pluck extra hair to keep your look neat


In case you wish to keep a unibrow, make sure that the hair in the middle is not thick. Pluck the thicker hair from the middle and leave the thinner finer ones on so a hint of the unibrow is visible. Of course before all the plucking and tweezing you have to be sure about your look and your face structure and decide what will look good on you. So invest in a good pair or tweezers.


Our tip – pluck your hair after coming out from a shower or after washing your face as your hair follicles are weaker then. In case you don’t want to go through the hassle of plucking it yourself, go to a recommended salon which specializes in waxing the brows for men. (Remember Joey? Or you can wish for a friend like Chandler).  Well-kept eyebrows makes one look younger and tells the world that he takes care of himself.