Are you Planning to Buy Contacts? Here are the Things you Must Know

Although latest fashion trends have a lot going on in the eyeglasses department, if you’re planning to buy contact lenses and ditch your spectacles then there are a lot of things you need to know and consider. It’s quite an adjustment; so follow these things if you are deciding to make the switch:




1. Visit your Eye Doctor:

Before you decide what lenses you have to go for, you must visit your eye doctor. There are different contact lenses for your eye shape, eye power, and other aspects and your doctor will suggest what type will suit you best. He will also determine whether you can wear contacts or not as in some rare cases, lenses cannot work because of complications.


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2. Types of Contacts:

Your contact lenses can be coloured or transparent. Coloured lenses can make quite a statement in mens fashion styles. You can even decide what duration the lenses that you buy can last; there are lenses available from daily disposable to lenses that last up to 2 years. What brand, hard or soft lenses, what quality; there are a lot of choices.


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3. Taking Care of your Lenses:

Once you’ve decided to buy lenses there is quite a bit involved in taking care of them. You have to wash them in solution every time you wear them and store them back in fresh solution. You should change the lens case every month and handle your lenses delicately to not cause tears. You should also keep them away from water, but always keep them well hydrated in lens solution. Keeping your grooming products hygienically is important!


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4. Eye Care:

It might take your eyes some time to adjust to the lenses and you need to keep taking care of them. Never sleep with your lenses on, and if you do, then remove them after some hydration, otherwise removing dry lenses may cause abrasions. Don’t wear lenses past the number of times that they are supposed to be worn as that can cause eye infections. Regularly use eye drops and wash out your eyes to prevent complications.



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These are some important things that you need to keep in mind when buying contact lenses. If you do manage to get used to them and adapt them in your lifestyle then it will probably make you look better and even give you a confidence boost because you can rock your men’s fashion without wearing spectacles.