All You Need To Know About Parting Your Hair

Different parting hair styles determine the look of the face for men. Hence, stylish men select their parting styles with utmost carefulness. If you want to choose a parting style that would suit your facial features accurately, select from the ideas that have been compiled here.



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1. Classic Right Side Parting

While right side parting is quite common among men, the style in which gel is used to set the thick lock of hair at the left is considered as the classic style of the 70s. This style still remains in fashion among cosmopolitan men. This style looks best among men who like to maintain cropped hair at the nape and long hair at the front. This style gives a classy and sophisticated look to men.


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2. Left Parted Medium Hair:

Men who wish to maintain medium length hair and have a comparatively broad forehead can opt for this side parting style. In this style, your hair needs to be left parted. However, instead of parting the hair towards the right side flat you must back comb it. This style is more appropriate for men with sharp features as it sharpens their facial features such as their sharp nose, chiseled chin and broad forehead.


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3. Middle Parting Style For Long Hair:

Men with long hair often prefer the middle parting style. This style gives their hair helps them in achieving a natural flow in their hair style from either sides of the parting. This style is considered as ageless. Hence, this style is flaunted by men of different ages that can range from teenagers to men of around 45 years of age. Men with broad jaw line and flat chin look best in this style as it accentuates these essential features of their face.


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4. The Back Brush:

The distinctive feature of this hair style is that no parting is made at all in this hair. Rather, a hair brush is used for back combing hair. Sometimes hair gel is used for setting this back combed manes properly. This style looks best on men with medium sized forehead who wish to maintain medium length hair at the frontal part of their head and shortly cropped hair at the back.



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If you have though that men are not as conscious about their looks as that of women, the different parting styles are suggestive that you have been proven wrong by now. Thus, as a cosmopolitan man you must select your own style with consciousness.