All You Need To Know About Hair Serum

Various kinds of hair care and hair grooming products for men are available in the market these days. Hair serum is one such hair grooming product that is used by men for styling and nourishing their hair. It is however not very popular and not many people use it, unlike hair gel, hair wax, or hair oil. Well this grooming product is definitely worth a try. If you don’t know much about it, then here are some things you must certainly know.



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1. What Is Hair Serum:

It is a silicone-based product that provides a shining coat to the surface of your hair. It however does not unlike penetrate the hair cuticles and it therefore causes changes to the structure of your hair. Different hair serums are available for different hair types. It keeps your hair from getting tangled and keeps them soft and shiny.




2. Who Should Use It:

Hair serum can be used by any man depending on his hair type. It is especially good for men with mid length to long hair as it prevents their hair from getting tangled. It gives them a lustre and shine, and keeps them supple and soft. So those with rough and dry hair should definitely give it a try.



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3. How To Use It:

Hair serum is used on freshly wet hair, preferably when they are still slightly damp. Then take two to six drops of the hair serum on your palm and rub it properly on both palms to mix well. Start applying hair serum on hair that falls on your forehead and face, moving upwards from the tips of your hair. Massage your hair well and massage your scalp as well. Take a few drops more and apply evenly on the entire stretch of your hair.




4. Which Hair Serum To Pick:

Pick the hair serum according to your hair type. Go for the one which gives lot of shine and nourishment if you have rough and dry hair. Most standard serums work well even on thick hair. Also, go for a good brand even though it costs a little extra, as buying hair serum from a sub standard brand might damage your hair.



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Not all men like to oil their hair, as they find it tacky and sticky. In that case, hair serum is a good alternative to style and nourish your hair, even though it is not as good as any hair oil like coconut oil or mustard oil. It is also a great solution for men suffering with rough and dry hair and split ends.