Activities and Habits that Give You Dark Circles

Dark circles are a plight that nearly everyone ends up suffering from. Even if you know how to groom and use a ton of grooming products, you can’t prevent them if you do activities and have bad habits that lead to dark circles. You need to get to the root of the problem and prevent them from happening rather than trying to fix it later. Here are some reasons why dark circles occur and simple ways to prevent them:




1. Smoking & Drinking:

Late night partying, smoking, and drinking can cause havoc on your skin overall. The over consumption of dehydrating substances like alcohol and caffeine, staying up late which causes tiredness and sleep deprivation are all causes of dark circles. Follow a healthy diet plan for men and a healthy lifestyle overall.



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2. Sleep Deprivation:

Staying up late, even when you’re not out or doing anything productive is another bad habit that has become pretty common. Just scrolling through out newsfeeds or watching TV till you get tired and pass out is extremely bad for the body overall and the sleep deprivation is a major reason for dark circles.



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3. Dehydration:

Not consuming enough water, or consuming too much alcohol and caffeine leads to dehydration in the body which is a leading cause of dark circles. Consume at least 8-10 glasses of water a day along with fruits as they have high water content. You should make this a part of your diet for men.



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4. Sun Exposure:

Some sun exposure is required, but increased exposure can lead to drawing of pigmentation from your skin and hence dark circles. Long exposure produces more melanin in the eyes, giving them a darker colour than usual. If there is too much melanin your under-eyes can even develop a blue-grey tinge.



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So these are some leading causes of dark circles and the solutions to them are very simple. It’s not that easy to break out of these bad habits but they aren’t just affecting your dark circles, they will also be degrading your body in other ways so it’s best to try to break out of these habits.