7 Hair styling products every guy needs

As a kid, great hairstyles meant some water and a comb. But now that you’re a grownup man, proper hair styling requires a little more effort and grooming products. From getting the perfect hair cut to styling it every morning, men struggle to keep it slick. Here are seven hair styling products that will help you style your hair to perfection and tame your mane in style.

7 Hair styling products every guy needs


1. Hair Gel :

Buying hair gel is a very tricky task, and most men often fail terribly at it. Buying any gel off the rack is convenient, but it will leave your hair feeling cemented to your head! Pick a good quality, light gel that will provide maximum hold to your hair without coating the follicles like cement.

Hair Gel

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2. Hair Wax :

Hair wax should always be applied to towel dried hair for a medium hold and low shine. Easier to style on short hair, hair wax is used for making short spikes and back flips. However, men with slightly long hair can also use it for a dishevelled tousle look.

Hair Wax


3. Hair Spray :

The easiest to use in the lot, hair spray is a winner for lazy guys. Just spray it over your hair as a finishing touch after setting it with wax or clay. Perfect for medium to slightly long hair, the spray will give your mane a shiny slick effect.

Hair Spray

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4. Hair Paste :

A very versatile grooming product for men’s hair, the paste has the consistency of a lotion. Apply it on wet or damp hair as it gives your hair a medium hold, allowing you to style it even when dry. Use it for an effortlessly cool messy, textured hairstyle.

Hair Paste

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5. Hair Cream :

Men with long or thick short hair ideally use creams to style their hair. It gives a low hold with some shine when applied on towel-dried hair. These creams are fragrant too and keep the hair smelling great, along with locking in the moisture.

Hair Cream

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6. Hair Clay :

The Frankenstein of hair styling, hair clay offers maximum hold and plenty of texture. Similar to hair fibre, clay has a creamy texture making it easy to apply on clean and damp hair.

Hair Clay

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7. Dry Shampoo :

Men sweat twice as much as women do, which means more shampooing. It is not good to shampoo too often; it rips the scalp of natural oils making hair dry in the long run. This is when dry shampoo comes to the rescue! Use dry shampoo in between washes to absorb the excess oil from the scalp and add volume to your hair.

Dry Shampoo

The versatility of these products makes them men’s grooming favourites when it comes to hair styling. Since there is no magic potion to transform dull, boring hair into the best hairstyle for men, you’ve got to do it yourself. From wax to cream, here are seven products you will need to keep your mane in check and stay updated as per the latest fashion trends for men.