6 grooming mistakes you can’t afford to make

Being exceptionally well groomed, to the ‘T’, is a difficult task. The best of men make mistakes which become a talking point with others. However, here we have identified the six most common mistakes men make and if you are a culprit, undo do them NOW!


Smell Good But Don’t Over Do It:

Get an appealing fragrance. Men should smell of manly perfumes and light cologne. Spray some on your wrists and behind your ears. Pulse points are warm areas of the body which help diffuse the scent and make sure the cologne is long lasting without being too overpowering. Smelling good is always a plus point. But as they say ‘too much of a good thing can be bad’. Spraying an entire bottle of cologne can be overwhelming for other around you. If you sweat a lot get an antiperspirant.


Image description: Smell good but don’t overdo


Untidy And Unkept Nails:

Trendy open footwear looks stylish only if your nails are trimmed and feet are clean. With long nails come dirt and those black lines which are visible. Take time out every week to trim your nails and clean the cuticles. Every once in a while scrub your feet and hands to do away with dead skin and cracks and moisturize the cuticles to keep them healthy.Nails give an idea to people on how much you give attention to your hygiene.Even if your feet are clean, untrimmed nails make your feet look dirty. The hands as well take a beating with long nails.


Image Description: Trim your nails every two weeks


Belts And Shoes Not In Sync:

No matter how well fitted the suit is or how well your tie matches the shirt and the blazer, if your belt and shoes don’t match, it just goes downhill from there. The golden rule of accessorizing a suit is to match your belt with the shoes whilst the socks should match the color of the suit (if you do not want to experiment with socks). No flashy multi colored belts with huge shiny buckles, please. The brand does not matter if you are carrying your outfit with élan and confidence.




Too Much Gel:

You just need to take a little bit of hair gel in your fingers and run through your hair and style it the way you want to.Hair gel has evolved into one of the most commonly used hair-styling product. Some men tend to go the extremes. Either their hair will be unkempt and messy (and not in a good way) or they will put too much gel and make it look clumpy. Do not make it look like an oil factory. After all, your hair is one of the best assets to make you look and feel good.




Unwanted Body Hair:

Yes as a man you need to take care of body hair though it has been a symbol of a tough man since time immemorial. Make shaving a part of your daily routine. The back of your neck, the insides of your ears and your nose should be priorities when considering body hair removal, as these parts are on display.A few minutes, a couple of times a week while you shower is all it takes to stay super-smooth.

While you are still figuring out the grooming and the trimming process, do not, under any circumstances, unbutton your shirt too much to reveal chest hair or think of going open collar. That’s the last thing the world wants to see.


Image Description: Shave, trim or wax!