5 ways to look more attractive in 2017

Notch up your game the lazy way! Want to look attractive? Well, obviously, who doesn’t want to? Just have to follow these small tips to instantly be more appealing.


5 ways to look more attractive in 2017

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1. Face matters the most!

The first thing people notice about you is your face. Well not everyone is blessed with clear and blemish free skin, so start washing and moisturizing your face, every day! Also please stop using that bar of soap that you got free with ketchup, they just strip your skin of all the natural oils and make it feel like sandpaper. Use a mild face wash and dry it gently with a clean towel twice daily along with a water base moisturizer for clear acne free skin.


Face matters the most!

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2. Bad breath is a no-no:

We cannot emphasize how important odor-free breath and clean teeth are. You can’t expect a lady to kiss you if you have yellow teeth and smelly breath. Brush twice a day and try to floss if you don’t want food stuck in your teeth. Whiter teeth and a fresh breath make you more confident and up your chances to kiss that girl you dream of.


Bad breath is a no-no


3. Smell good:

It is the easiest thing to do and it you will agree when I say body odor is a real turn off! Shower daily, maybe twice if you sweat a lot, with a good scented body wash, use a deodorant/ perfume like He deodorant afterward for a lasting fragrance. Wearing fresh clothes are equally important and help you look more attractive to all the ladies out there.


Smell good

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4. Shave shave shave:

If beads are not your thing, please clean shave because there is nothing more unattractive than an unkempt beard. Women prefer well-groomed men; so even if you want to grow a beard, tame it with some beard cream, comb, and occasional trimming. Keen on looking attractive; start taking an interest in knowing the tricks and tools of the trade.


Shave shave shave


5. Skip the Banyan tree barber:

If everything else fails a good haircut can save the day, so please stop being stingy. Well-groomed hair looks very attractive, which is why you have to invest in a good hair stylist. Shampoo and condition regularly, skip that extra layer of gel that makes your hair like hay and get a haircut that enhances not just your face but also personality.


Skip the Banyan tree barber


Five extremely simple yet tested ways to make you look more attractive. Life does become a tad bit easy if you are attractive so sadly but yes, you might as well make the effort to survive this superficial world.