5 Vedic Secrets Of Longevity That You Should Know

1. If you want to live more, you must refer to ancient Indian scriptures that hold the secrets to extend one’s life not only in terms of longevity but also on ways to be disease-free forever. The ancient system of medicine, Ayurveda has answers to most of the problems that we face today. Modern research is perplexed by the accuracy of the solutions recommended by Vedic literature for most of these modern-day ailments.



2. Vedas advocate not only to maintain strict diet chart for men but also suggested an exercise for men, as they suggest that the three pillars of life are diet, sleep, and self-mastery. These three pillars are supposed to be the very foundation of having good health and longevity.



3. To a long, happy life, you should eat the right food to live, in Sanskrit “Aaharah Praanah” means, food is like a synonym for life. Right food if taken moderately with right feelings act like a direct blessing from the nature that nourishes and ultimately determine the quality of our consciousness. So, next time when you eat, reflect on what are you eating, how you are cooking, when and in whose company are you eating. As claimed by Vedas that if you remain alert on all these aspects, your overall health will improve thereby increasing your lifespan. If you want to know more about what to eat then you can refer to Ayurveda diet charts that recommend the use of ghee, fresh butter, spices and herbs in cooking.



4. An undisturbed and restful sleep is highly recommended by Vedas, as it is believed that the disease and disorders are the manifestations of accumulated toxins or ‘ama’, in the human body. Accumulation of physical ama results is physical ailments and diseases, the buildup of mental ama results in various mental illness including stress, anxiety, and depression. According to Ayurvedic science, good quality sleep is nature’s best cure for relieving mental and physical ailments of the body as it infuses vital life energy ‘ojas’ into the systems and cleans the body from accumulated physical toxins. rating high levels of mental ama. Ayurveda recommends having warm milk mixed with honey before going to bed at night.



5. The last and the most important pillar that Vedas recommends is the self-mastery, absolute control over your senses. Vedas emphasize the value of regularity in everything, be it rest, play or work. Adherence to daily routines, punctuality, and self-control is the essence of living richer, longer and fulfilling life. Vedas expect you to adopt a lifestyle that is rhythmic like nature itself, observed in the daily and seasonal rhythms of life.