5 Tailoring Tips For Men Of Odd Sizes

Everyone is unique with own set of abilities, you have your own personal needs that are different from others. You may adhere to current fashion trends for men, but your styling needs should differ as fashion is certainly not generalist in nature. You need to customize it according to your unique body shape and physique.
We classify the latest fashion styles for men according to the most common body sizes categorized as standard, athletic, short, big and tall. However, there are innumerable men who do not fall in these categories and need to customize according to the particular body shapes.

1. Customize Your Clothes :

You ought not feel disillusioned as most the available readymade clothing comes in standard sizes. You should prefer tailored clothes, exclusively customized with your body shape for accurate fitting. Custom made menswear garments ensures that the stitching is most appropriate, the tailor takes the measurements and cut a special pattern according to the specific sizes. In custom dress, the tailor not only takes sleeve and neck measurements but also takes care of biceps, chest, waist, shoulder, overall height and weight. These measurements help the tailor to cut an exact pattern that may fit accurately on the desired body.




2. Avoid pre-cut made-to-measure clothes :

If your size is odd, you might find extremely difficult to get a clothing line appropriate to your size. Do not go even the made to measure shirts as they will also most likely be inaccurate as the manufacturers have pre-cut patterns!




3. Stitch from Scratch :

Custom dress shirts come for recue of these men as custom dress shirts Prefer to have tailored custom wear where the cutting, and stitching is done from scratch.




4. Let them Create Paper Sketch :

Whether you are oversize or undersize as compared to standard retailers, you need to ensure that the tailor makes a paper sketch of all the required dimensions, sizes and garment you wish to order.
By ensuring you have right clothes with you will look more presentable, stylish and appealing in your casual or formal attire that will automatically be reflected in your personality in terms of confidence, attitude and communication.