5 hacks to know of for those who dream of thicker-looking hair

Every guy at some point or other might have envied thick luscious hair on someone else’s head. Getting it naturally might be a blessing to some, but unfortunately, not all are lucky enough to be blessed with the same. So, here are a few hacks that can help you get that dreamy thicker-looking hair in no-time. Of course, you’d have to put in some effort apart from these simple and easy hacks.

But do remember these are just basic hacks to make your hair appear thicker. Fixing thinning hair might actually need more than these hacks.

1. Incorporate body/volume-boosting hair products :

If you aren’t aware of this yet, then you must know that using volume boosting products can give your hair some volume. Opt for shampoos that work on increasing the volume and the body of your hair. You can as well pair it with a conditioner, which will help you attain voluminous hair. Also, these products cannot thicken or stop your hair fall. Just help you to add more body to the hair.




2. Make the blow dryer your BFF :

Volume boosting products can only help to add more body and volume to your hair! In order to make your hair appear fuller, blow drying is the best option for you. Make sure to brush your strands outwards from your face while blow-drying to give the illusion of a voluminous hair. Lift up the base as much as you can, but, be careful not to flatten the roots! Also, use a good serum to help keep your hair soft and to protect it from the heat. If you blow dry on a regular basis, make sure to keep a hair protecting mist handy!




3. Get some hair mousse :

Before you begin with your blowout session, take a coin-sized amount of mousse and work it into your hair. Apply mousse before blow drying actually help to retain the volume that you have created. Also, it lets you have more control over your than a serum would. You can always add in more mousse depending on the length and type of your hair. Just avoid using it add the roots and focus more on the ends and the mid-lengths.


All Things Hair
All Things Hair


4. Keep a dry shampoo handy :

Dry shampoos are great to add some volume to your hair. We know, dry shampoos are meant to get rid of the greasiness of your hair without having to use water, but they can also add some quick volume to your hair (thanks to the powder). After spraying it over the strands, from roots to tips, just brush your hair or finger comb it and all of the greasiness and flatness would be taken care of by the dry shampoo.




5. Don’t seep through the gaps :

Ever heard about the root touch-up products? Well, if still aren’t aware, these are some exceptional innovations to help hideaway the gaps in the hair roots. All you need is a touch-up spray that matches your hair colour and is safe to use on your skin. If aren’t sure how this works, you can opt simply try it out with your girlfriend’s black or brown eyeshadow!