5 Everyday styling mistakes you should avoid

Fashion fades; style is eternal. Men’s styling is not a piece of cake. From finding the perfect shirt to acing a haircut that suits your face, there are numerous ways you can make a fashion disaster! It is not a hidden fact that men often make terrible style choices when it comes to everyday fashion. So, here are five everyday styling mistakes avoiding which will save you the embarrassment as you work your way into becoming a more stylish gentleman.

5 Everyday styling mistakes you should avoid


1. Mistake #1: Ill-Fitting Clothes :

Have a wobbly beer belly or a slight paunch after a heavy meal? Well, that’s understandable, whether you are too skinny, bulky or anything in between, ill-fitting clothes are a strict no. The fit is the king and the secret to looking sharp. Ill-fitting clothes look sloppy and will make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Invest in a tailor who you can rely on for perfect fitting.

Mistake #1 Ill-Fitting Clothes

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2. Mistake #2: Unbalanced colour combination :

Wearing a bright coloured shirt with matching shoes is not a good idea. Balancing the colours across your outfit is important. You do not have to dress like a walking billboard. If you want to add a pop of colour to your clothes and shoes, keep the hue same and work around it. Or else, it is best to opt for neutral colours and put a complementing ensemble together.

Mistake #2 Unbalanced colour combination

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3. Mistake #3: Overdoing it with the Perfume :

When it comes to perfumes and colognes, less is more. You want to leave a subtle trail behind, not suffocate others. Wearing too much of cologne can be a turn-off. The trick is to apply perfume at your pulse points to make it last and leave you smelling great all day.


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4. Mistake #4: Bunching Trousers Over your Laces :

If you are in the category of men who let the bottom of their trousers crumble over their laces, there is just one word for you: Tailors. Get a tailor and give your unhemmed trousers a makeover. Your trousers should ideally finish an inch and a half above your shoe. Well-tailored trousers are a part of essential work wear and have the power to make or break a first impression.

Bunching Trousers Over your Laces


5. Mistake #5: Dirty Shoes :

Men often tend to make the silly mistake of neglecting the importance of wearing good shoes. You can be dressed in sync from head to toe, but if you wear dirty, scuffed shoes, you will get unwanted attention of people around. You do not have to over indulge in a pair of very expensive Oxfords or Brogues to look stylish. Just invest in a pair of black or tan dress shoes that will help you complete your look.

Dirty Shoes

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These are five everyday styling mistakes most men make. So, the next time you are getting dressed, you know what not to do.