4 Things That Cross Every Man’s Mind Before Getting Inked

Getting a tattoo is like getting a haircut – except it’s meant to be permanent. Would you make your haircut permanent if you could?Here are a few things that men usually consider before getting a tattoo.



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1. What design should I pick?

Your tattoo should not only be aesthetically pleasing but be meaningful. The difference is like the classic difference between a beautiful woman and a beautiful woman with a charming personality.Do some research and find something close to your heart, something that fits in with who you are. You want the tattoo to say something to you and to the people, who see it, so run ideas past your friends to see what they have to say.



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2. Where on my body should I get a tattoo?

For men, popular areas for tattoos are the back, shoulder, chest, and arms.More eccentric areas are the neck, the skull, and the eyebrows. But you can get a tattoo almost anywhere, even on the chin. It all depends on how visible you want the tattoo to be. Talk to your tattoo artist to pick the best place for the design that you want.Keep in mind that the areas where the skin is next to the bone hurt the most. The least painful of the places mentioned are the upper back and the arm.




3. Can I get it removed?

Getting a tattoo is like marrying a tattoo:You can divorce it, but it will be long, costly,and painful.Tattoo removal is mostly done using laser treatment. Lasers emit energy in the target pigment’s absorption spectrum. This breaks the pigment down and allows the body’s immune system to carry it off. Laser removal is very expensive, and it takes several sessions for the tattoo to almost disappears.




4. How can I find a good tattoo parlour?

Find someone who is heavily tattooed and ask him where he got his tattoos.He will probably know the best places. Otherwise, find out how long a prospective tattoo parlour has been in business and check the cleanliness of the area and the equipment. Also, examine the portfolios of the tattoo artists, looking out for clean, smooth lines that are sharp, and use solid, bright colours.



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Whether it’s selecting the right design or picking the right tattoo artist, you must spend some time doing your research so that don’t repent your decision later. Remember, it’s something you have to live with, so better be prepared before you get yourself inked.