4 Step Guide to Flaunt Aquaman Jason Momoa Like Long Hair

Love the long hair sported by Jason Momoa for Aquaman? Looking for ways to emulate it? Look no further! Here’s your 4-step guide to flaunting those long tresses just the way your favourite comic hero does.


Come 2016, there is no dearth of hairstyles for men with long locks. Buns, ponytails, or, side-parted hair, whatever you may choose, get ready to be in vogue.




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1. Mid-Half Bun

A mid-half bun will add a lot of brownie points to your look. Make a loose ponytail and pull up your hair, leaving the ends sticking out. This will give you a bohemian look, suggesting that you have just woken up with a hairstyle like that.




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2. Short Curly Bun:

If you have naturally curly hair, make a short bun with the curls hanging loose at the ends. This will make you look cute and keep you cool too. This man bun is an easy answer to how to style long hair for men.




3. Long ponytail:

Nothing looks as good as a sleek ponytail if you have long, straight hair. Just tie the hair at the nape of your neck and use some hair styling product to smoothen out your hair. You can add some shine with hair gels to enhance your look further.




4. Half-up pony:

A half-up pony looks interesting as well as fun. All you have to do is pull up half of your hair into a bun and let the remaining hair down for this classic look. Flatter those lovely locks with this half-up pony and be a head turner everywhere you go.



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Styling your long hair will be a no-brainer, if you are equipped with right hair grooming products. You can master all of the above hairstyles in no time with the right technique and the right products. So, go ahead and have fun sporting the Jason Momoa look!