4 Reasons Why You Should Own a HE Deodorant

Why should you wear a deodorant? Because stepping out of the house without spraying on a deodorant is criminal! Especially considering the crude weather of our country, it is imperative that we use a deodorant which is long lasting and has a nice smell.

But how does one find the right kind of deodorant? It is more than grabbing the first can off the shelf. It needs patience, perseverance, testing and detailed reviewing. But first thing’s first.




What is the difference between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant?

An anti-perspirant prevents sweat. This is not good for either your skin or your health. A good deodorant on the other hand helps in combating the actual sweat. There’s a huge difference between the two.

But how do you decide which deodorant you should go for? Well a good men’s deodorant or rather a HE deodorant will avoid the following failures:

  • Pit Stains
  • Lingering Smell

If your deodorant has both of the above, then it’s time you shift to a better one. But what deodorant should you buy?

After going through a variety of options, here’s what we picked up:

1. Combat Body Odour

Your HE deodorant should help you fight body odour. In India you cannot help but sweat, especially during the summers. A HE deodorant has elements which will help you combat excessive sweating and reduce body odour. If you’re particular about the way it should smell, then don’t worry. Nowadays men’s deodorants come in a variety of fragrances.




2. Long Term Relief

A good deodorant should be a long lasting one. When you’re working 10-12 long hours a day, it is necessary that you have a long term resistance to sweat and odour. Not only that, with your HE deodorant, you will get a clean and fresh feeling too. Usually long term deodorants can last up to 48 hours. They also come catered to sensitive skin.




3. Say No to Additives or Chemicals

Unlike conventional deodorants, a HE deodorant will have no additives or chemicals incorporated into it. However, it should contain lichen extracts which ensures that body odour is minimized.  It should also offer all day protection and should meet most of your demands.

4. The Man Effect

Not only should your deodorant make you feel fresh, but also macho, energetic, confident and full of vitality. Here’s a secret that we would like to share with you… The anti-bacterial property in a deodorant is what makes you feel refreshed so when buying, do check the properties.

There you have it. Next time make sure you buy a HE deodorant which will make you confident instead of making you feel incompetent because of body odour.