4 Instant Tips To Reduce Oil On Your Face

1. Men with oily skin type have larger skin pores and are more prone to blackheads and pimples. You need to follow the grooming tips for men face that will help you to stay fresh and spotless all day long, even after a marathon travelling session in chaotic traffic. Blot your face with a tissue paper, if oil stays behind, then you should wash your face at least twice a day. Remember to avoid exotic soaps and facewash loaded with unnecessary chemicals avoidable fragrances. Choose a gentle natural soap such as glycerin soap instead.




2. New male fashion trends is not just about trendy clothes but also about regular grooming of your face right from beard to moustache and eyebrows to hairstyle. If your body produces more oil than usual, you will not only face acne flare-ups but also the problem of shiny and greasy nose edges even though the men with oil skin remain smoother and comparatively wrinkle-free. The reason behind the oily skin is the sebaceous glands that tend to work overtime. Too much sebum produces surface oiliness, blocks pores, provides nourishment to bacteria that live upon the skin (P. acnes) and contributes to acne flare-ups!




3. You need to check the skin pores do not get clogged – because if the dead skin cells get trapped with bacteria and sebum it will irretrievably lead to skin problems. Always carry a waterless facewash on-the-go so that wherever and whenever you are travelling you can clean your face and avoid infections. Once you clean your face, use a face cream or moisturizer that is oil-free to help your skin remain supple. Always apply a face cream that is free from alcohol.




4. As fas as diet is concerned, always drink between 64 and 80 ounces of water every day, that will help you to effectively moisten and hydrate your skin, inside and out. The hydrated skin will ensure that oil glands receive right signals from the brain that excess oil is no longer needed, and will consequently slow down the oil production in your skin.




Quick recap starts from avoiding harsh soaps and cleansers, cleaning your pores with a waterless facewash, using moisturizer, exfoliate regularly and having 64 to 80 ounces to ensure hydrated skin inside out.