4 Grooming myths demystified

Gone are the days when grooming was a taboo for men. Today’s men are as conscious about their looks as women, and do everything to show up as a stunner. But they still believe in certain grooming myths and follow wrong grooming processes, which are futile. So, here are four grooming myths we debunk for you so that you can take better care of your hair and skin.

4 Grooming myths demystified


1. Wash your face often if you have acne

Washing your face every two hours is not going to help you get rid of your acne problem. You should wash your face only twice, once in the morning and then at night before sleeping. Washing your face too frequently will strip your skin of its natural oil, which means more acne!

Wash your face often if you have acne


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2. Shave against the grain

Said no one ever! This is an entirely wrong theory; shaving against the grain will cause razor bumps, ingrown hair, and irritation. Instead, prep your face for a good shave by washing your face, lathering it with shaving cream and then using short strokes. Always shave with the grain.

Shave against the grain


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3. Avoid moisturiser if you have oily skin

This is a myth. Every skin type needs moisturisation, even if it is oily. There is a fine line between hydrated and oily. While people with oily skin cannot use any moisturiser off the rack, they still have to hydrate their skin. Using a water-based cream that is light will maintain the skin texture and reduce oil-producing pores on the face.

Avoid moisturiser if you have oily skin


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4. It is okay to use one bar of soap for your body & face

Nope, it isn’t. First, soaps are history; you should opt for a face and body wash to cleanse your body. Secondly, even if you do use a bar of soap, it is unhygienic to use it for your body and then face. It will dry your skin and might cause irritation too. You need to keep a separate face and body scrub to exfoliate dead skin and blackheads for a clean, healthy-looking skin.

. It is okay to use one bar of soap for your body & face


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We hear new grooming theories every day, but the real task is to sort out the myths from the ones that work. So, now that we have demystified four basic grooming myths, skin and hair care should be a tad bit easier for you.