3 Ways To Maintain A King-Like Beard

If you are not having a beard these days, you might look out of mens latest fashion. But the latest trend in fashion for men is not about having an unkempt and grimy facial hair, it is actually about boasting a real royal manly look that sirens the arrival of contemporary, modish man of substance. With the right care and style, a good beard can make you look exceptional gentlemen. We take you through the essential ways to maintain your beard that ignites majestic aura around your personality.

1.Have a Rich Diet :

You must start your beard grooming sojourn from the daily diet. It is essential to consume a diet that is balanced in all nutrients. Fish is great for your hair. You can add supplements like Biotin and A, B complex vitamin that will boost the hair growth.




2.Stubble look :

If you are happy with the stubble look, you will have to learn to ignore the the itch, especially if you are a first timer. It might itch heavily, as you facial skin learns to have hair, the itching will subside after few weeks.




3.Kingly Beard Look :

if you decide to grow it longer, then do not start grooming the hair until you have at least an inch and a half of hairs. Once you reach that point you can think of shaping itotherwise unshaven, untrimmed, and unwashed hair will dampen your personality and appearances in public.




4.Trim, and Wash :

You need to shave off the places that you donot want hair to grow accordingly. For example, some of you will not like growing a beard that reaches to the neck. Washing your beard is extremely critical. As you wash your face thoroughly with face wash, you need to clean the oils that built up.




5. Keep it dry :

You should ensure that you dry up your face thoroughly always with a clean towel just like the hair on top of your head!




6.Occasionally shampoo :

If your beard is a few inches long then you should occasionally shampoo it along with a conditioner. You should avoid excessively strong fragrances, and prefer to use natural fragrances like cedar, juniper, orange, sandalwood, tobacco, and birch.


beard wash


7. Do regularly apply drops of beard oil :

A good beard oil will help to keep the hair ends robust, also and protects it from beard dandruff.