3 Tips for Fuller Looking Hair

A head full of lush strands is unfortunately, not something every man is blessed with. Some guys have a naturally full head, with hair looking so good that the lesser fortunate just want to touch and feel it, to see if it’s real. The good news, however, is that you can always fake hair looking fuller than it really is. And it’s not that difficult either. Read on…

1. Snip it short:

How is going short connected to fuller looking hair, you might wonder. Well, it’s because one can’t see how thin or scanty your hair actually is when it’s short, can they? The extent of short depends on your comfort level and can range from a crew cut to a few inches long. The point is that the shorter you go, the less likely it is for your hair to fall aside. As long as they stand up, it will give your head the desired illusion — of a fuller mane. Another illusion that can easily be created is to tackle the hair in the front of the head. Go for a style that makes the front look full. Opt for a crew cut with the front layer a tad bit long. Work up the front line into neat spikes with the help of strong hold gel and lo and behold, you will have people thinking you have a fuller crown all over!




2. Use the right products:

The main culprit behind damp and limp looking hair is grease which causes it to fall flat on your head. Wash your hair often so that it doesn’t get oily. Lifeless looking hair can be induced with some much needed bounce with the help of volumising shampoo and volumising conditioners that instantly perk up limp hair shafts. A dry shampoo is God sent for days when you have absolutely no time to indulge your hair. Be warned… it is definitely not as good as a freshly washed mane, but hey, dry shampoo does rescue neglected hair in a jiffy. Styling lotions also help separate individual hair strands, thereby making it look fuller than its original capacity.




3. Quick fix for guys with long hair:

You must have seen your girlfriend flip her hair over, brush it downwards with a comb or your fingers, and flip it back into position, for instant volume. Do the same and you’ll be surprised at how your hair will look twice as thick and full by this simple action. Of course, the results will last for a few minutes if not supported with relevant products. You could spray in some product and blow dry your hair while turned down to make sure the effect lasts for a few hours at least.