3 Things Every Man Should Know About Moisturizers

Skin loses hydration and its moisture needs to be replenished. A hydrated and well-looked after skin will look healthy and will be elastic. Lack of moisture makes your skin dry and leads to cracks; this in turn gives way to wrinkles. Hydrated skin can be easily achieved if you moisturize it on regular basis.

Signs of good skin are – it would be elastic, clear and moist. Drinking water is a good way to hydrate it and definitely a good way to keep your skin young and supple. Having sufficient water is good way to preserve and protect your skin.

If you are not into the habit of moisturizing your skin daily, its time you start doing it. But before that, men need to know few facts about moisturizers.




1. Why Moisturize?

Moisturizing helps create a barrier as it contains ingredients that help your skin perform better. It does not hydrated the skin, but protects it from pollutants, dust and preserves the natural components of the skin. Thus, keeping it healthy and elastic.

2. Skin Types

Skin types are dry, oily, combination and normal. So choose your moisturizer as per your skin type. An apt moisturizer will enhance your skin’s function and make it act and look younger. Also moisturize your skin when it is still wet as it will stay hydrated for a longer time.




3. Moisturizing At Night

Even if you apply and leave the moisturizer throughout the day, it is important to moisturize your skin at night. This is because our bodies lose moisture at night and also the skin goes in repair mode. So chose a good moisturizer that will help skin hydrated as well help in the repair process.Also the best time to moisturize your skin is post shaving. Essential oils are lost from your face after shaving. Moisturizing your skin will help regain the balance.




Moisturizing your skin consistently will lead to a healthy-looking appearance. Men should benefit from moisturizers as much as women do. Because men shave their skin, it needs more attention than you might expect. Make sure that your moisturizer is the right one for your skin type and that it fits your requirements and lifestyle!