3 Reason Why Grey Hair Works For You

Grey hair seems to be a big concern with male folk these days, especially with guys who take their appearances and image very seriously. But we bet that if you know how grey haired men are actually perceived by the world at large, you will be more than happy to flaunt them. First, let’s get to the basics and address the root cause of hair becoming grey.

Greying depends a lot on your genes and it can strike anytime, sometimes even in your teen years. So the best thing to do is to own it and not try to run away from it! If you’re just not able to come to terms with the fact that you have started to grey, here are some tips to help you look at the bright side of it all…




Time saver:

Grey hair tends to get frizzy and can end up looking wiry in comparison to other hairs on your head. A short hair cut is the best solution. And short hair instantly means you save up on precious time spent prepping a longer mane in the morning. A head bath will last you all of 2 minutes and a dollop of gel is all you need to add a dash of shine to short hair.

Bold and wise:

You have to admit that a salt and pepper look makes a guy look wise and dashing at the same time. The years, reflected through your mane speak volumes for you. In fact, so many young men try all the tricks in the book to look older. Dusting their hair with some powder to give it a grey edge and wearing thick rimmed glasses are old favourites. The mature look helps chicks warm up to you and also works on the job front, making people taking your advice seriously.




Mix your wardrobe:

A variety of styles suit men who sport salt and pepper hair. You can wear a work suit for any occasion and not look like you’re trying too hard to be taken seriously. You can even sport casual denims and sporty tees and come off as someone who is not afraid to let his hair down and have fun.




Now that we’ve shown you the other side of the picture, don’t you agree that greying opens doors to a variety of worlds for you?