3 Must Haves For Men During This Diwali

Diwali the festival of light and sound is nearing and Indian people love to celebrate this festival with loads of enthusiasm and excitement. Many men eagerly wait for Diwali as they ultimately get some quality moments with their loved ones. Indian men who usually don’t give much attention to themselves try their best to keep up with the latest fashion trends for men during this festival. To further help men here is a list of must-have things this Diwali season.

Nehru jacket

The Nehru jacket is a trending piece of apparel for men this Diwali season. The Nehru jacket is one of the most comfortable yet stylish choices of clothing for family gatherings this season. This traditional half jacket looks stylish when paired with a pair of loafers and a denim blue denim.



A set of quality perfumes

Many Indian men still overlook the importance of applying a quality fragrance. An excellent quality fragrance not only saves an individual from embarrassment but also makes them feel more confident as they don’t need to worry about body odor.



New footwear

Footwear is an essential part of styling for men. Footwear can enhance or diminish the overall appearance of the outfit an individual is wearing. A new trend in fashion for men is to wear loafers as they look good with many traditional Indian outfits.