3 Hairstyles To Look Astonishingly Cool In 2018

Out with the old and welcome the new, 2018 hairstyle for Indian men is all about restyling your classical puffs with new sense of style that is updated to the needs of modish, manly Indian. Think of your face shape and choose a hair color according to your complexion and gel out your tresses this year in an entirely new form. Whether you have the long and the straight strands or you prefer to create buzz with the short and the curly, go ahead and transform your look according to the new trend in fashion for men. We present you the top 3 popular hair trends from wide range of hairstyles fades to tapers, crops to faux hawks and quiffs to mohawks – so that you can the best possible look in 2018.

1. Quiff Haircut :

This is a bulky hairstyle wherein you need to grow volume on the top of the head, and you need to get progressively shorter towards the back of the head. The showcase of this hairstyle is the main “quiff” in the front that you will get by applying the styling gel and blowing-up the rest of the hair to get that sensuous style.





In this style you need to trim your hairs on the sides, ask your stylists to maintain the same length instead of getting progressively short. You can also choose to get the ‘abruptly cut’ undercut, wherein there is a clear dividing line between the long hair on top of the head and the short hair at either sides. Prefer to have medium to longer hair on top as you will be able to play around with the looks, as the short hairs will give you ease of maintenance. A lot of men also prefer to combine the undercut with a fade-out on sides or just blend it with the slicked back, quiff, or pompadour!




3.Mohawk :

This is the funkiest style in 2018, you will not only look rebellious but will also add ‘cool jazziness’ into your personality. Your hairstylists only need to carefully build it initially using gels, but then it will add ‘wow factor’ to your appearance for sure. The process involves gradual transitions between the long hair on top and shaved or faded sides, you can worn it everywhere and everyday, especially if you want all attention to fall just on you. Try out different forms of Mohawk styles at casual parties, get togethers and rock concerts.