Yoga vs. Gym

In this time and age, we can’t ignore the benefits of exercising regularly. Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle which means little or no exercise. If you plan to bring about a radical change by starting to exercise regularly, that’s great. Usually, beginners feel confused between yoga and gymming.




Take a look at a few benefits of practicing yoga:

1. Improves Flexibility:

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of yoga. On the first day, you won’t be able to even touch your toes. But if you practice relevant asanas devotedly, you will notice how flexible your body has become.



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2. Strengthens Muscles:

Yoga won’t beef you up but it will make your muscles stronger. Medical conditions such as spondylitis and arthritis can be avoided by a large margin easily with regular Yoga. You will also feel more active!



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3. Perfects The Posture:

Most of us don’t sit, stand, and walk properly. We either slouch while sitting or bend a little while standing. The posture is never perfect. Yoga helps in rectifying this.




4. Keeps The Mind Fresh:

One of the main aspects of yoga is meditation. This act calms the mind and strengthens the focus. It improves blood circulation in the body and keeps you stress free.




Roughing it out at the gym also has a fair of share of advantages. Scroll down:

5. Helps Sweat A Lot:

When you have an intense workout session, you sweat a lot. This indicates that toxins are getting removed from the body. The more rigourous the physical activity, the more enhanced your blood circulation will be.




6. Helps In Weight Loss:

The best way to burn all the extra calories is by gymming. It will tone your body and make your muscles stronger. Want a lean body? Hit the gym!



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7. Taps Creativity:

An intense gym session boosts creativity for at least up to two hours. Haven’t you observed how creative you become while taking a shower post yourthe gym session?




8. Boosts Brainpower:

Research has revealed that cardiovascular exercises create new brain cells and boost brainpower. Gym exercises for men can definitely smarten people up!



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So which one will you choose? Since it is difficult to say which one is better than the other, —try everything once and then make a decision.Ideally, a perfect mix of asanas and gym exercises for men will help you stay fit, both physically and mentally.