Why you should add Buttermilk to your diet

Summers are here, and there is no better way to cool off than having a glass of Buttermilk. A season where even a slight whiff of cold breeze is a blessing, a chilled glass of buttermilk is a godsend. Take a health resolution this year, cut off from aerated drinks and pick a natural one. This curd and water based drink is made with a pinch of spices, salt, and some finely chopped mint leaves.

Why you should add Buttermilk to your diet


1. Cools the Body :

An instant and natural refresher, buttermilk is a crowd pleaser in summers. It cools down the body temperature and soothes the stomach. A perfect summer cooler, Buttermilk helps in reducing tiredness after a long day.

Cools the Body

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2. Aids in Digestion :

This curd and water concoction washes down oil after a heavy meal while the spices like pepper, salt, and jeera are natural digestives that reduce the chances of indigestion or acidity. Curd is full of probiotics that have immense natural benefits and one of them is soothing the digestive tract.

Aids in Digestion


3. Washes Down Fat :

Guilty of gluttony? Have a small glass of buttermilk to flush the excess oil down. It washes the fat, oil or ghee that coats the inner part of our food pipe instantly relieving you from an uneasy feeling. So you don’t have to cut down on that extra helping of Biryani, go ahead and gulp a glass of this yummy mix.

Washes Down Fat

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4. Power Packed Drink :

Our body requires a minimum intake of 1000 to 1200 mg of Calcium for strong and healthy bones. Consuming buttermilk daily not just cools the system in summers, but also fulfills the Calcium intake that our body needs over and above the consumption of milk. A power packed drink; buttermilk is rich in protein, Vitamin B, and potassium.

Power Packed Drink

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5. Health Benefits :

Buttermilk is a super source of lactic acid that helps protect the immune system and fight harmful pathogens in our body. Regular consumption also controls the blood pressure, cholesterol and prevents cancer. The bio-active protein in this wonderful concoction has antibacterial and anticarcinogenic properties that boost immunity and keep the stomach healthy.

Health Benefits

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6. Prevents dehydration :

Salt, water, curd, and spices- Buttermilk is a delicious drink packed with electrolytes and water that help the body fight dehydration in the heat.

Prevents dehydration


A perfect summer drink, Buttermilk helps you beat the heat in a yummy and easy way. Swap it with an unhealthy artificial box of juice and get all the goodness you can this summer!