Why You Must Do Push Ups Regularly

Men love building their muscles and to achieve that they try to lift as heavy weights as possible. In this penchant to tone their muscles, however, they usually ignore other important exercises like cardio vascular and push ups. Even if they do little cardio, push ups are usually given a miss. This is a grave mistake. You must do push ups regularly no matter what body part you are training. Here are the four reasons for that.



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1. It Strengthens Your Muscles:

Push Ups is one exercise that uses not one but different muscle groups- shoulders, back, biceps, etc. It is therefore a wholesome exercise that trains all your major muscles and provides strength to it. It completely stretches those muscles and makes them strong and flexible, preventing any injuries in future. It also gives a better shape to your body.




2. Improves Your Postures:

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might not be able to maintain the correct posture throughout the day. The reason behind this could be weal core muscles. Push ups train your core muscles that support your vertical positions. When you do push ups regularly and properly, the muscles that support your posture are strengthened and fine tuned. Moreover it will naturally incline you towards the right posture.



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3. Increases Testosterone Level:

Proper level of testosterone is required to maintain vital functions of your body. However, as you age, the level of testosterone goes down, which does not bode for your health. Studies suggest that push ups increase the production of testosterone in your body, thereby ups the level of testosterone.




4. Improves Cardio Vascular System:

As mentioned earlier, push ups train multiple muscle groups of your body at the same time. This makes your heart work harder to pump blood to the muscles and their issues which are getting stretched. This leads to the reduction of stored body fat.



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While strengthening muscles of different body parts is important, it is also important that you do push ups to maintain your overall health. It is anyway a wholesome and comprehensive exercise for your muscles, so there shouldn’t be a reason to miss it.