Why You Must Add Soy Milk To Your Diet

If you are a gym freak, then milk must be a part of your diet plan. Even if you are not, milk is something highly recommended in men’s diet plan. It is a rich source of calories and proteins. However, not everybody can consume milk. Moreover, it has certain disadvantages as well. In that case, Soy Milk can be a good substitute for milk. Here are the four reasons why.



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1. Contains Vegetable Proteins:

Soy Milk contains only vegetable proteins which, unlike dairy proteins and animal proteins, does not make calcium pass through your kidney. This, in turn, decreases the risk of a critical bone disease-Osteoporosis, that animal protein or dairy protein might cause.




2. For Lactose Intolerant:

Quite a number of people are not able to consume milk and dairy products due to their system being intolerant to lactose which makes them stay devoid of the many benefits of milk. This, however, can be combated with the consumption Soy Milk. Soy Milk, unlike cattle’s milk, does not contain Lactose, due to which even those who are intolerant to Lactose can consume it.



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3. Reduces Cholesterol:

Cattle’s milk contains many saturated fats which are harmful for your health. It has got no benefits for the cholesterol. Soy milk, on the other hand, reduces cholesterol level in your body, thereby lowering down the risk of coronary heart disease.




4. Contains No Synthetic Hormones:

Milk men in India often give hormone injections to their cattle in order to get more milk out of them. These synthetic chemicals often get transferred to the milk you drink and can harm the vital functions of your body. Soy milk, however contains no such harmful synthetic hormones, and is thus completely safe to consume.



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If you too are someone who is not fond of milk, try soy milk. If you are a regular milk consumer, then too you must try adding soy milk too to your diet plan. Yes, both kinds of milk are good for your diet, but why not also consume the one which is healthier.