Why You Must Add Green Tea To Your Diet

Isn’t it that every time you have a steaming cup of green tea, you feel healthy? Yes? That’s because green tea is, indeed, a super-food in a cup.Rich in anti-oxidants, consumption of this beverage has almost no side-effects.




Even though lesser people knew about and consumed green tea five years ago, the craze and need for it has certainly increased manifold in the present times. Did you know that you can easily have as many as 10 cups of green tea on a daily basis? Yep. And, it is safe too!

So what are the main health benefits that green tea offers? Scroll down to know:


1. It Boosts Metabolism:


Yup! Even the non green-tea drinkers know this. So if you want to stay in the pink of health always, have it once a day for best results! This beverage must form a part of healthy diet for men.



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2. It Improves Cholesterol:


Consumption of green tea brings down all levels of cholesterol—including LDL cholesterol. So yes, this beverage is helpful in keeping all heart diseases at bay. All heart patients must drink green tea to strengthen their hearts.




3. It Protects The Skin:


Want to protect your skin naturally from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays? Have green tea! Research has revealed that placing green tea bags on the skin may fight against skin cancer. Green tea also reduces reddening of skin caused due to sun exposure.



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4. It Manages Weight:


If you’re a gym freak and extremely fitness conscious, you must include green tea in your diet plan. Why? Because studies have shown that certain properties of green tea assist in losing weight when consumed regularly.



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5. It Boosts Oral Health:


If you’re a green tea drinker, you probably have a healthier mouth than those who don’t! Green tea includes catechins that fight against mouth bacteria—the main cause behind plaque and tooth decay. Want a fresh mouth, have green tea!



It’s proven that green tea has ample health benefits. From increasing energy expenditure to boosting the immune system—this beverage is a perfect addition to the diet plan of people, especially in this hectic and stressful age and time. If you haven’t started having green tea yet, then you must soon!