Why Is Whey Protein So Expensive

A lot of men are turning to Whey Protein these days. Whey helps them build stronger and better muscles. Some men are already using it and some are thinking to buy it, after being recommended by their trainer. However, one thing that prevents many from making the purchase is the exorbitant price. The important thing to know here is that the expensive cost of Whey Protein is not without a reason. We have discussed some of the reasons.



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1. High Cost of Manufacture:

Manufacturing Whey Protein involves a long and complicate process. It starts right from procuring milk from cattle, then pasteurising it and converting it into cheese, then processing Whey from that cheese. Then the entire process of isolating Whey, making it into edible powder form, packaging and transporting takes place. This long process of manufacture before Whey boxes come on the shelves is one of the biggest reasons for the high costs of Whey Protein.




2. High Import Duty:

Another reason for Whey Protein being expensive in India is the import duty levied. Most Whey in Indian markets consists of international brands. These brands are anyway expensive; add to it an approximate import duty of 30%. The result is the high priced box of Whey Protein.



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3. Growing Market:

Whey Protein is not that popular in India as it is in other countries. However, with growing awareness, more people are taking Whey these days due to which its market is growing, slowly and gradually. The forces of demand and supply of this growing market thus render whey protein expensive.




4. How To Save Money On Whey:

Since Whey Protein is an expensive purchase, here is a small tip to save money on it. Buy in large quantity maybe, the biggest pack. Doing so will make you spend a big amount upfront, but at the same time, will also prove economical in the long run, since a big box of Whey Protein will last you longer.



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Whey Protein, even though an expensive purchase, is a good product. It helps you build muscles more quickly and also increases your stamina. However, you shouldn’t just buy it only because your gym buddies are using it. Consult your trainer first before making the decision.